To Drink Oolong Tea Some Of The Valuable Reasons

Oolong tea has been expressed as “Yu Xiang Hui Wei” as it goes through so many diversified production stages to produce a good taste and aroma. Tea is made up of more than a few dozen leaves that have special flavors and aromas due to differences in leaves, production area, and harvest time. Among them, Tie Guan Yin, Shui Xian and Oolong are well known and many renowned oolong teas are produced in Fujian province. Oolong tea produced in the province is sold abroad all over the world as China’s tea delegate, the home of tea.


Taiwanese Oolong tea is also known as Imperial Formosa Oolong. The first Europeans to visit Taiwan were the Portuguese sailors, who were so impressed with the beauty of Taiwan that they named it Isla Formosa. This translates to “Beautiful Island” and although Taiwan is now a vibrant modern country, the island’s tea growing areas are excellent examples of its natural beauty. Most of the oolong tea produced in Taiwan is destined for local consumption. Taiwanese are demanding tea consumers who demand the best.

There are many compelling reasons to drink oolong tea. The first and foremost is the wonderful taste. Tea specialists around the world appreciate Taiwanese tea for its sweetness and density. Brewing and serving Oolong tea is also an enjoyable hobby that can be shared with friends and family. In Taiwan and elsewhere, drinking oolong tea is a social affair that solidifies relationships.

The best oolong tea in Taiwan is grown in the impressive mountains. All the oolong tea sold here is high mountain oolong that is harvested and processed by hand. These are artisan teas that have been made with great care. They are very deserving of the name “Imperial Formosa Oolong”.

Producing oolong tea from Taiwan is a challenging and time-consuming process. The quality of the final product depends on both the finish and the raw tea leaves. But make no mistake about tea leaves – they are the heart and soul of oolong tea and why it is so popular. Taiwanese tea growers are increasingly adopting organic farming practices due to the superior quality of tea produced by these methods.

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