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Long-term care basically refers to the care or assistance needed when the individual is unable to take care of himself. People who have retired from work and are living on reduced pensions very often fall into this category.

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Human life is always on the threshold of tomorrow. One phase of this precarious life is followed by another and there comes a phase in everyone’s life where they need special attention, love, care and assistance. But unfortunately this does not happen because people today are so absorbed in their lives that the elderly and the suffering are often neglected without thinking twice. However, some non-governmental organizations and the government have taken responsibility for helping these people when they need it most.

The family factor

The family of the individual seeking long-term care plays an indisputably crucial role. Long-term cared for patients are generally suffering from some serious illnesses like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, etc., which make them an unconscious and inattentive individual. There are also cases of permanent ailments due to unfortunate accidents causing spinal cord insufficiency and the like, in other words, complete bed rest. Initially, the families of these patients easily provide all assistance. They are used to the extent possible to provide the best patient care. But problems arise in the long run when family members have to pay attention to their work. So it becomes very problematic for some families to take care of the patient. The amount of daily shopping is also a major source of problems. It becomes particularly difficult for a middle-class family to spend regularly on the prolonged, sometimes eternal illness of one of its members. Not only that, but it is generally found that various other controversies are beginning to flourish in this grim context.

“Prevention is better than cure”, following this wise proverb, many families get health insurance, etc., for each of their members. This offers them great financial support from the government. While many affluent families provide long-term care through their personal savings. This allows them to spend the amount they want according to their needs without clarifying and waiting for the help of the external agency.

The role of the government

The government of each country facilitates the care of long-term assisted patients. Government assistance is specifically aimed at those who have not been able to save and buy life insurance policies due to low wages. The Veterans Administration (VA) is dedicated to serving all veterans and their partners. Veterans served are mainly former prisoners of war, those with low income, and those who have become disabled due to their service. Medicaid, a federal and state joint venture, seeks nursing care for elderly patients in need of long-term care. There is also the National Council on Aging which operates in the area of ​​providing online help to older people, informing them of the type of benefits intended for them. This non-profit organization lists approximately 1,300 programs across state to state.

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