7 Most Popular Best Photo Sharing Sites 2020

1) Picasa
Picasa is a Google creation and has an extremely easy to use interface. It allows you to share edited pictures and collages with your friends on Google. However, the number of users on Picasa is relatively low compared to other photo sharing sites. The editing features are very easy to use and even a layman can get out of it. This is the Picasa USP.

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2) Twitpic
This was once used to share images on the popular social networking site called Twitter because it was not possible to share images directly on Twitter. However, as time went on, Twitter’s features improved and twitpic became a photo-sharing site in itself. It’s fun to share the pictures here and listen to others’ comments. This is also a fun photo sharing site. It has some editing features that allow you to edit the pictures taken by the phone for the web.

3) Pinterest.com
This is a fun social networking site where you can pin anything you like on your dashboard for your friends to see. It can be anything from an article to an image. Pinterest.com is widely used for sharing images. A large number of people have pinned the photos to their dashboards, and people come to take a look at the numerous images on Pinterest. They also share their version of cool pictures online. Hence, creating a network of photo sharing users!

4) Photoshop.com
Yes, it was created by the creators of Photoshop and has an extremely large number of editing features to its credit. Also, the features are not as complicated to use as in the software. Anyone can go in and use these features. They are very easy to modify. So, if you’ve always wanted to edit your images like a Photoshop pro but didn’t know how it went, Photoshop.com is your answer.

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5) Imageshack.com
This is also one of the places where you can store all the pictures you want and even share them with your friends. It has good storage capacity and so you won’t have to worry about filling its memory with another image. You can keep uploading anything you want.

6) Onedrive
This is Microsoft’s creation for sharing images and documents. The storage space here is unlimited, and thus, you can upload as many images as you want. The good part about this is that you can only share them with those you feel comfortable sharing them with. You don’t necessarily have to make it public. Only the email addresses you share these images with will have the ability to view them.

7) Yfrog.com
This is again one of the many regular sites for sharing images. It is mainly popular in the United States. The domain also allows you to share your images directly on Twitter. It’s a fun portal.

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