What is Informational Notification

What is informational nonfiction?
Literature can be divided into two main genres: fiction and non-fiction. The fiction includes all the writings created or invented by the author. Nonfiction includes writing based on real life events. One type of non-fiction is informative non-fiction, which aims to provide unbiased facts.


There are many types of informational nonfiction. Let’s take a closer look at two of these types: articles and speeches.

An article is a broad term that includes many different forms. In general, an article is a piece of writing that provides data on a topic. The way an article is published can determine the ranking of that article.

The first type of article may appear in an academic journal. An academic journal is a periodical publication that focuses on a specific academic discipline. In an academic journal, colleagues within that discipline review articles and may publish responses or criticisms. For example, the British Journal of Psychiatry is a popular academic journal where many psychiatrists can publish their research and experiences in the field of psychiatry. Because academic journals contain articles written by professionals, the information they contain is considered extremely reliable and credible.

A second type of article is that which appears in reference books. A reference book should not be read from start to finish. Instead, it contains articles with specific information for the reader. The most common forms of reference books are a dictionary, a thesaurus, and an encyclopedia. You most likely used these books during your education.

An informative article includes a brief history of the topic, changes over the years, and its current state. An informative article on training golden retrievers, for example, may contain a brief history of the breed’s training patterns, what owners train dogs for now, and some training methods.
An informative article identifies the people involved. For example, if the news article is about a government policy change, include members of Congress, senators, or lobbyists involved in the matter. The article also identifies the stakeholders, those affected by the problem, if any.
Informational articles contain relevant dates. For example, in an article about a 4th of July event, the reader will want to know the day and time of the event. An article about a historic event, such as the first Constitutional Congress, includes the dates of the event.

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