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VCs usually take only a minority stake — 50% or less — when investing in companies, also known as portfolio companies, because they become part of the firm’s portfolio of investments. Those probabilities also have a great impact on how the venture capitalists spend their time. Little time is required on the real winners—or the worst performers, called numnuts (“no money, no time”). Instead, the VC allocates a significant amount of time to those middle portfolio companies, determining whether and how the investment can be turned around and whether continued participation is advisable. The equity ownership and the deal structure described earlier give the VCs the flexibility to make management changes, particularly for those companies whose performance has been mediocre.
In addition, a startup needs to show a clear roadmap and USP of how they can carve an initial niche within this and grow, or move into horizontal verticals. Andreessen Horowitz made a 312x return within two years from its investment in Instagram. From an IRR perspective, this was a home run, but because it only invested once, for $250,000, the $78 million of exit proceeds were not significant within the context of its entire $1.5 billion portfolio size. A mistake that many a VC fund can make is to quickly invest all of its capital and leave no dry powder for follow-on investments. , subjective, and almost artistic nature of venture investing is unlike the traditional realms of finance, where many new VC professionals enter from. Visit our Startup Insights for more on what you need to know at different stages of your startup’s early life.
Encore Consumer Capital – a San Francisco-based private equity investment firm focused on the consumer products industry. The firm has raised nearly $400 million in equity capital and invested in sixteen companies, since 2005. The firm targets companies with between $10 million and $100 million in annual revenues. Seventure invests in European start-ups with high growth potential, with an amount of investment from 0.5 million euros up to 20 millions euros per firm from seed to later stage rounds.
Nevertheless, there are a few general points that emerge from scanning the writings of the best investors. In 2015, we launched the capital markets union initiative to unlock more investments, also for SMEs, and diversify sources of finance. Several actions addressed the shortages in the so-called ‘funding escalator’, including those related to venture capital.
Ubleam is a French start-up founded in 2011 in Toulouse , in the IoT Valley. Ubleam develops a technology of round-shaped, high customizable barcode, named “bleam”, featuring a remarkably high reading distance and speed, along with augmented reality capabilities. Founded in 2007, Proxem is the French specialist in semantic analysis software for business. A player in big data and artificial intelligence, Proxem helps companies extract relevant information in real time, from a large volume of textual data.
As the Founder of Yoast, he scaled what was a side project plugin into a multi-million dollar business, used by 13 million sites and selling to Newfold Media in 2021. As one of the early SEO pioneers he is also an extremely coveted angel investor and invests through his company, Emilia Capital. Leading provider of low latency, deterministic network devices and applications to the financial industry. Network modeling and risk scoring platform enabling enterprise networks to be resilient to cyber events and network interruptions. Bitfury is a full-service Blockchain technology company that provides software and infrastructure solutions to securely move assets across the Blockchain. USD Eris Swap Futures are listed and cleared at CME Group, providing straightforward access to trading swap risk in a capital-efficient futures form.
Union Square Ventures’ 2010 Opportunity Fund had a calculated IRR of 60.59% , making it an extremely successful VC fund. If we look at follow-on trends for USV after this period, the majority of its investment elections were going as follow-ons into their winners. They were doubling down and the fund result shows that this was indeed a profitable strategy.

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