My oldest daughter arrived at driving age never to long ago in addition to one of the needs for her certificate was for the girl to successfully modify a flat tire on her own. Detroit Tires gave her a new quick visual of exactly where the equipment plus tire was and then wrote down instructions for her to follow. I thought that if the girl could follow these kinds of instructions successfully and then she was prepared to be alone out in the vehicle. By the way she was able to modify the flat wheel and stuck these types of instructions in typically the glove compartment inside case of a set tire later.

Things below are the instructions I had written on with her.

1st make certain you put the car in park in a stage as possible region make the parking brake. Make sure you have drawn off the road far enough to avoid traffic and turn into the engine off. And don’t neglect to turn on the hazard lights (flashers).

Get out there of the shoe the spare tire, the lug enthusiast wrench and the car jack. I pointed these away to her beforehand.

Before jacking up the car, loosen the particular lug nuts, which often contain the wheel in place. Turn typically the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the lug nut. Loosen every single other lug nut first, then return and loosen the others.

Carefully jack upwards the automobile and guide the owner’s manual for that correct plus safe place to set the jack. Merely Jack the automobile up a ” roughly higher within order to eliminate the old tire also to be able to be able to have room to put the fresh, full of air tire back on.

Carry on by removing all of the lug nuts and set them aside in a place wherever you won’t drop them. The smooth tire should end up being able to slide right off today.

Lift and location the new car tire onto the steering wheel studs. Make positive that the device, where you put air, is dealing with out.

Replace all of the lug nuts and tighten them manually ,. Then tighten these the lug wrench the same way you loosened all of them. Finally, tighten each lug as limited as you could.

Position the hubcap again on or inside the truck in order to be put about later.

Once the lady did this the girl felt a whole lot more confident and comfortable about how the girl would handle a new flat tire. I actually told her that will there can be a period that she do not feel secure getting out regarding the car and this she should put her flashers on and move to the shoulder and contact someone, if simply no one was accessible to just drive around the bad tire till she reached anywhere safe.

Everyone is going to take the time to be able to get familiar with wherever the spare wheel is, how in order to get it out there from the car, and at least change a tire with regard to practice.

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