Google Best Seo Practices Part 2

The second part of this article will walk you through the important steps on how to optimize on-page sites on Google. If you have an existing site, use it as a reference to make sure you are doing everything right. Let’s look at 5 other areas.


Keyword research, the beginning.

Start with 5-10 keyword phrases, create content, optimize, publish, maybe publish … Why? Are you building authority? So, expect to have at least 100 pages. Otherwise, continue. But 5-10 pages at a time can go a long way for a licensed site. Remember, what works … takes work.

Keyword refinement, outgoing.

However, following the previous one. After your initial research, mainly some data that you have formed from various keyword tools, you should rely on your web analytics to see how focused your optimization is based on your visitors. This is what “overhang” means here. We need to look at this information, particularly search engine and search engine behavior, and further refine the optimization for the site cycle.

The importance of content tagging.

This is basically the bold or italics of the keyword phrases in the content. Don’t be late. It is recommended to use it primarily for user experience. Doing it well will bring good benefits.

Article marketing and its impact.

Writing articles is a great way to add new content to your site that is worth linking to. Now for good content optimization, add your keyword phrase within the first 20 words, at the bottom of the page. Optimize one main keyword phrase per page.

The return of the niche … and authority sites off course.

Sites within 3-12 pages known as “niche” are fine on Google. You don’t need to target or optimize every page, but you should have one page for each target keyword phrase that you want to rank for. If you are looking for an authoritative type of site, then you need daily updated content with 450-500 words per page. This content can be in the form of daily articles that you can host and distribute for your site. Also, a blog or forum is another great way to generate new content.

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