Digital Printing Has Improved The Industry

Today, the world of digital printing is open to everyone, from the individual at home who wants to print photos, to large companies. As overall print quality has improved, the implications of digital printing have also become much clearer.


Print faster

Digital printing has improved the industry in terms of fast results. If you need a print job fast, digital printing is your natural choice. There are no additional settings and the print quality is not affected due to the high print speed. It’s also the natural choice when you need bulk items to print blazingly fast.

Advanced print quality

Digital printing is by far the ideal printing solution for everyone. It is more advanced than litho printing and is a much easier way to print images of your choice.

Versatile printing methods

The best news about digital printing is that it’s the versatile option. You can print an image, text or anything else on a variety of different surfaces and finishes. This includes printing on ceramic, metal and canvas.

Value for money

Digital printing methods offer excellent value for money. It takes less ink, less time, and as a result, you end up paying a lot less for your printing needs. Digital printers have also gone down a lot over the years and are more compact than ever.

Wide range of colors

Consumers today have more colors to choose from than ever. With such a rich color palette, businesses and individuals can now create a truly personalized image that reflects their brand or simply an image that is a true personification of a loved one. Pantone has only 1,867 jaw-dropping color options.

Interactive projects

Advanced techniques, such as the use of thermal colors, can create a truly interactive printing process. We just have to look at the Bombay Sapphire gin brand’s illuminated pancaking to see how the print designs are becoming more interactive. Interactive QR code printing is also a revolutionary idea. For the individual at home, the digital printing process can still be interactive, as these people are part of the print design process.

Craft Skills Still Important When it comes to the world of digital printing, the person behind the design or photography is still important. Technology may have come a long way, but without the necessary skills, you won’t get the image you want. Today, many companies offer online tutorials and step-by-step guides when it comes to designing and then printing your chosen image, on whatever material you choose.

Wonderful photographs

The world of digital printing has improved the way photos are printed. Today’s photos now have a much higher pixel ratio and are sharper and sharper thanks to this improved technology. It also means that photographic images can now be printed on canvas, fabric and ceramic.

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